Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making time......for cleaning the storage room

I don't know about your house, but in my house, the word "clean" brings about fits, fighting, yelling, screaming, and tantrums (and that is just me!  You should see what the kids do!)

After running errands w/ my hubby on Saturday morning, I suggested that we spend 20 minutes attacking the storage room.  He agreed.  Then promptly disappeared for some "other" chores!  My kids were hungry for lunch....I told them they could wait until we were done.  (Any form of motivation!) 

So, painting messes were attacked and craft paint sorted.  The X-box station was organized.  Halloween decorations were boxed, labeled and shelved.  The food shelves were organized.  Luggage found its homes.  Empty boxes were hauled out.  Special saved items were sent to the recycling!  And we survived.  And the kids were fed lunch before they "starved to death!"

Below are some after pics.  Believe me, you don't want to see the before....and I really don't want to remember them!  LOL


Yes, that is our only Xbox in the house.  And it is old.  And connected to an even older tv.

My "pantry" in the storage room.  Anyone need an old tv?

The rumors were correct....peanut butter did go up by about 40%.  We love our Jiff.  I stocked up before the price went up ;)

I love how much happier I am every time I walk into this room!  And all we did was make the time to get it done.

On a side note.....I finished purchasing fabric for a quilt I am making for my oldest daughter.  We shall see if final results are posted ;)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Making time.....for imagination!

I have to tell you about the creative surprise I found in my family room this morning.  I'm not sure who created it, but I'm guessing it was my son.  He took two body pillows, a blanket, a motorcycle game, and a light sabor.  Check out what he made!

Is this not the best!!??
Check out the discarded superhero cape!  I LOVE it!!!

If you are wondering where the light sabor is, check out this view, paying attention to the rear end.
Tail pipe?  Just a tail?  Storage because you never know when you will need a light sabor?

Oh, the true joy it brings my heart when I see things like this!  In this world of xbox, computers, ipods, etc......making time for imagination is the best!