Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Making Time.......for May Day!

Happy May Day!

Time has really stood still for our family after the lose of my nephew.  1 month now.  Seems strange.
Yesterday was the first day in over a month that I felt like doing something without forcing myself to do so.

Every year at Christmas we make goodie bags for the neighbors.  Christmas was tough this year as my nephew was ill and undergoing a bone marrow transplant.  Just wasn't in the celebrating/baking mood.  Figured I would do it for Easter.  4 days before Easter, we buried my nephew.  Needless to say, I really wasn't up to making treats.

Soooo......yesterday I baked!  I made 2 big batches monster cookies (part for my daughters birthday treats today!  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!), 72 pumpkin bread muffins, and lots cake balls.  I bought petunias and planted them in cups.  I had already purchased clearance Easter baskets and "grass".  I built, my kids delivered.  (Which I am sure was great fun....17 year old driving the truck and the others in the pickup bed with the 11 baskets)

Here's a pic of the end result.

I'm glad I made time for May Day.  I pretend it was for others, but truely, I think it was therapy for me.