Saturday, July 14, 2012

Um...Wow! Summer Time!

Wow!  Apparently I've been making time for summer and not blogging!  Wow!  May Day was my last blog?  Hmmmm......well, let me fill you in :)

We had a piano recital.  Aren't they cute?

I made my first machine quilted quilt.  Lots of color!  My oldest daughter helped pick out the fabric because it is a gift for a friend of hers headed to college. The friend loves it!!!  (whew!)

I'm working on my next one.....I chose the fabric for this one:)  It's going to be a bit more organized!

My kids are in 4-H. This week is fair week.  If you are involved in 4-H, you know what that means!
I'll post fair pics and recipes soon. 

We've also played baseball, sent the girls to a variety of camps/conferences, painted a bedroom, and done some swimming :)

What are you making time for this summer?