Monday, March 19, 2012

Making Time.....for some Farm Fun

So, I have been wanting to post this for a week, but had some computer issues :)  Thanks to a friend and her hubby, I'm back :)

Last Sunday I took my girls on a trip to the farm.  My dad and my two brothers still farm together. Their cows have been calving.  One of my favorite farm seasons......truthfully, I love all the farm seasons!  (And I am sure I will share them all with you)

Aren't they cute!!  Bucket calves that will soon be moved to my older brother's backyard for his two kids to bottle fed.

The girls forgot coats and had to raid Grandpa's closet :)

These calves love to chew on things!  Especially fingers ;)

Headed out to the pasture to check out more calves. 

What a fun day we had on the farm.....sharing my heritage with my girls :)  Remember to make the time to share your childhood fun with others!