Monday, April 15, 2013

What an absent blogger I have been!  Guess we've been busy living life!
Our past few months have been full:

We had an 8th grade graduation.
We watched a lot of baseball!

4-H and the County Fair
Back to school....3 in highschool!
Homecoming Dance

Our family help plan a fundraiser for a family that has a boy with leukemia...complete with raffle and bbq food.  Was a huge success!

Played some volleyball....poor was her coach!
And some was the coach here :)


And then it wouldn't stop snowing!!
Life has treated us well.  Have been making time for life's blessings! 
Soon, we will be having two Confirmations, one First Communion, and one High School Graduation.  The blessings keep coming.
Many Blessings to You!