Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Making Time.....For Rug Making

When I was growing up, I loved the rag rugs my grandma made.  They always had such a homey feel to them. And she truly made them from rags.  I have one that is in my mudroom bathroom.  (Someday I'll share pictures of her quilts!)

Grandma used a special "rug hook" which has somehow been lost along the way. 

My other grandma crocheted all the time.  It was more unusual to walk into her house and not see her crocheting than the other way around.  She taught me basic stitches.  (If I had been really interested, she would have taught me so much more!)

So, I have combined loves from both of my grandmas and started crocheting rag rugs.  I use old t-shirts cut into strips to make mine.  I use a basic chain stitch and keep going in a circle.  

Below are pics of a couple that I have made. 

So, what memories of your grandmas do you have that you can make time for?

Check out We Did It!  Wednesday over at Sew Much Ado.  Plenty of fun ideas!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Making Time.....for Grandpa

Just over a week ago, my father-in-law had quadruple bypass surgery.  He went in on Thursday to see if he had any blockages.  He had 4.  2 complete.  They didn't let him go home.

My husband spent all day Friday and Saturday morning at the hospital.  Saturday night didn't go well, so he drove the 2.5 hours again on Sunday with some of the kids.  We went again on Tuesday for the day.  Wednesday night into Thursday morning the staff had to shock him 11 times.  Yes, 11 times.  My hubby left at 3 am (after getting home at 1:30 am from a basketball game) to go see his dad, not sure if he would make it.  He called me at 9am.  "Bring the kids."

In tears, I called the schools and the kids came home.  In a daze, not sure if this would be the last time we would see Grandpa, we loaded up, dropped the dog off at a friend's home and made the 2.5 hour drive again.

My 2nd daughter had a really tough choice to make.  She was packed to leave on a bus trip to Washington DC at 4:30 that afternoon for the March for Life.  I told her I would support her 100% either way.  She chose to stay home for her grandfather.  I am proud of her.  Washington DC will be there.  Grandpa may not.

So, we spent Thursday in the waiting room with Grandma, all of Grandpa's siblings & spouses, 15 grandkids, 8 kids w/ 4 spouses, some friends and a priest.  43 people!  And more food sent in than 43 people can eat.  In awe over the kindness of friends.

Grandpa had all the kids come in to his ICU room to see him.  Lots of tears.  And laughs....Grandpa was having some great hallucinations!  Cattle rustlers....monkeys on tricycles....kittens in the hallway.  We needed laughs :)

We spend Thursday night and most of the day Friday at the hospital.  I brought the kids home Friday afternoon.  My hubby stayed.  It felt strange, but we had given the kids tickets to a concert for Christmas.  So I took them....all of us going half-heartedly.  We enjoyed it, yet not fully, and left early.  Strange.

Saturday my hubby returned home.  We had "normal life" to think of.  A basketball game for my 7 year old son and a volleyball tourney for my 13 year old daughter.  (They both won!)

The docs did their thing.  They got his medication regulated.  Grandpa would be moved out of ICU on Sunday.  We decided another 2.5 hour drive was in order.  I wanted the kids to see Grandpa out of the ICU room.  He was exhausted and they only saw him for a couple of minutes, but that couple of minutes gave them much needed peace of mind.

His heart is badly damaged.  Grandpa has 1-2 weeks left in the hospital.  More decisions have to be made about future treatments.  And Grandma is relieved....and exhausted!

Now, here we are on Sunday night....lost homework, lost field trip forms.....a note needing pudding sent to school by Monday (TOMORROW!)...a lost Redbox movie.....and lots of grumpy tired people.

BUT.....we still have Grandpa!  We know we have a family that comes together for prayer and fun.  We know that God answers prayers.  We know that we can drop everything and survive in crisis mode.  We know that we have friends that care.  And we know that we now need sleep!  And lots of it!

Always make time to hug the ones you love.  Leave no regrets.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making Time.....For Getting Through The Day

Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed with the things that I think I need to get done.  Things that I see others accomplishing.  Things that I think I should be doing.  It's like trying to live someone else's life.
I'm not those people.  I'm not overly organized but my house is clean.  I'm not a runner but would love to have a runners body.  I'm not incredibly fashionable but would love a great pair of blingy jeans.  I like to cook and bake and not diet.  God blesses organized people, and runners, and fashionable people with those gifts.
God made me who I am, not someone else. 
I am making the time to stop, look around, and realize what it is the God wants from me.  Maybe all that I can accomplish today is putting away the Christmas decorations (hey....Epiphany was just Sunday...I'm not that far behind!), a trip to the Y, teaching art, watching a tv show with my sick daughter, going to adoration, fixing supper......
Oh, wait!  I am doing a lot!  Just not a lot that shows to the outside world.  I am keeping my little world moving in a direction towards God and fighting tooth and nail to keep my little babies (ok...does 17, 14, 13, 10, & 7 qualify as babies?) in tact by the time they hit the world themselves.
I am also a huge prayer warrior for my nephew fighting leukemia....and that is working!  Great news today that his transplant is working. I need to make time to be me.  Not who I perceive the world wants me to be.
And you?  Are you making time to be you?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Making Time......For Redoing My Sewing Room

My best Christmas gift?  My hubby adding a face lift to my sewing room.
Lets start from the beginning.  When we were building our house, we needed more square footage for our "covenants" so we decided to go "up" instead of out.  We planned a large room upstairs that we now call "The Loft."  It's just a large room we use for meetings, studying, sleepovers, etc.  In the process of framing this room, the framers framed in another smaller room that was suppose to just be a "box window" placed on the roof for aesthetic value.  YES!  An unplanned room!  MINE!  I Called It!  And thus, my sewing room :)
Fast forward a year or two, and we sheet rocked and painted the room.....periwinkle blue with white trim.  LOVE IT!  And added a Pergo-style floor.  However, other than throwing in an old table and my sewing stuff, that was it.
Fast forward again to this fall.  My hubby asking what I wanted for Christmas.  A sewing room.  Yes,  that's what I want. 
I spent time cruising through pics, etc.  My absolute favorite is over at Sew Many Ways.

Seriously?  What's not to love?!
However...back to reality.  Remember, I have a smaller room.  We opted for hanging white cabinets and installing a counter top sewing table with under the cabinet lighting.
Just updating you.  Pics of my finished project will be posted as soon as I get it all figured out.

Oh...and another plus.  I have found a few unfinished projects.  Including a bag for carrying Barbie dolls and all the "stuff" that goes with them.  My youngest daughter (of 4 girls) is in 5th grade. long has this project been sitting there?  Let's just say I have moved it in to two different houses.  Hmmmm....thinking my 5 year old niece may get it :)

Taking time Making Time for my sewing room.  Today, however, is a day for Making Time for making yummies for a football watch party tonight....CottonBowl!  Go CATS!