Saturday, December 10, 2011

Making time....for a decorating our Christmas Tree

This year, I decided to have some fun and do something different with my Christmas Tree.  I saw an article about using a galvanized metal tub for a Christmas tree stand. (sorry....can't remember where) Well.....that got my mind rolling!

What if....what if I placed our tall skinny tree in a tub and then placed it on my grandma's trunk?  How cool would that be!  Oh, yeah....that's the look!

But what to do for ornaments?  Hmmmmmm.......

How about cookie cutters and stamped paper?

Would have loved to have done antique cookie cutter, but.....
these will do just fine :)

I pulled out all my Christmas stamps, some brown paper and red ink.
The natural string adds to it :)

My youngest daughter added the candy canes for the finishing touch.'s the finished product.

Stay tuned.....I have two more trees to decorate.  One is all about the family ornaments, ones that were gifts and others the kids have made as school projects throughout the years.  And the other tree, includes shotgun shell Christmas lights!

Remember, the Christmas season is all about Making Time for family.

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