Monday, December 12, 2011

Making Time.....for tree #2

As promised, tree number 2 :)

Our basement tree is a hand-me-down.  We love it anyway.  Branches are funky and the tree has a tendency to matter how much my hubby fiddles with it.
The best part of our basement family room tree?  Hands down...the shotgun shell lights.  I mean, really, how fun is that?!?!
A couple of years ago at a "craft fair" I bought a set from my brother, laughing and giggling the whole time!  He hangs them on his front porch every year....and I secretly think he smiles while he's hanging them!
Last year for a 4-H demonstration, my 3rd daughter figured out how to make them (with her dad's help) using an old "shell reloader".  We gave them as gifts.  This year I started selling them.  People ALWAYS smile when they see them.  Then, they laugh when they think of that certain person to give them to.  Then they giggle more as they buy them.  Soooo much fun!
Well, here they are on our well loved tree.
To complete the look, I have ripped strips of cotton red country gingham and tie it onto the tree.  And a bow at the top.  The rest of the material is used as a tree skirt.
Add some silver bells, pine cones, candy canes, and some "country-style" ornaments, and you have a our family room tree.

Here's a fun pic showing the light lit.  However, they really are not that bright in real time.  The camera seemed to capture more of the light, and less of the shotgun shell.

On with the day.....making time for apple jelly today.  Details to follow soon on that.  Plus, I have one more tree...the kid friendly one.

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