Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making Time.....For Getting Through The Day

Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed with the things that I think I need to get done.  Things that I see others accomplishing.  Things that I think I should be doing.  It's like trying to live someone else's life.
I'm not those people.  I'm not overly organized but my house is clean.  I'm not a runner but would love to have a runners body.  I'm not incredibly fashionable but would love a great pair of blingy jeans.  I like to cook and bake and not diet.  God blesses organized people, and runners, and fashionable people with those gifts.
God made me who I am, not someone else. 
I am making the time to stop, look around, and realize what it is the God wants from me.  Maybe all that I can accomplish today is putting away the Christmas decorations (hey....Epiphany was just Sunday...I'm not that far behind!), a trip to the Y, teaching art, watching a tv show with my sick daughter, going to adoration, fixing supper......
Oh, wait!  I am doing a lot!  Just not a lot that shows to the outside world.  I am keeping my little world moving in a direction towards God and fighting tooth and nail to keep my little babies (ok...does 17, 14, 13, 10, & 7 qualify as babies?) in tact by the time they hit the world themselves.
I am also a huge prayer warrior for my nephew fighting leukemia....and that is working!  Great news today that his transplant is working.
So.....now I need to make time to be me.  Not who I perceive the world wants me to be.
And you?  Are you making time to be you?

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