Friday, January 6, 2012

Making Time......For Redoing My Sewing Room

My best Christmas gift?  My hubby adding a face lift to my sewing room.
Lets start from the beginning.  When we were building our house, we needed more square footage for our "covenants" so we decided to go "up" instead of out.  We planned a large room upstairs that we now call "The Loft."  It's just a large room we use for meetings, studying, sleepovers, etc.  In the process of framing this room, the framers framed in another smaller room that was suppose to just be a "box window" placed on the roof for aesthetic value.  YES!  An unplanned room!  MINE!  I Called It!  And thus, my sewing room :)
Fast forward a year or two, and we sheet rocked and painted the room.....periwinkle blue with white trim.  LOVE IT!  And added a Pergo-style floor.  However, other than throwing in an old table and my sewing stuff, that was it.
Fast forward again to this fall.  My hubby asking what I wanted for Christmas.  A sewing room.  Yes,  that's what I want. 
I spent time cruising through pics, etc.  My absolute favorite is over at Sew Many Ways.

Seriously?  What's not to love?!
However...back to reality.  Remember, I have a smaller room.  We opted for hanging white cabinets and installing a counter top sewing table with under the cabinet lighting.
Just updating you.  Pics of my finished project will be posted as soon as I get it all figured out.

Oh...and another plus.  I have found a few unfinished projects.  Including a bag for carrying Barbie dolls and all the "stuff" that goes with them.  My youngest daughter (of 4 girls) is in 5th grade. long has this project been sitting there?  Let's just say I have moved it in to two different houses.  Hmmmm....thinking my 5 year old niece may get it :)

Taking time Making Time for my sewing room.  Today, however, is a day for Making Time for making yummies for a football watch party tonight....CottonBowl!  Go CATS!

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