Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making Time.....for Fat Tuesday

Ahhh.....Fat Tuesday!  The Feast before the Fast!  Enjoying God's bounty before the season of Lent.  The kids all took Mardi Gras beads to school to share with friends.  We usually do a big family feast.  However, this year, we seem to be headed different directions....one to work, one to volleyball, two others to another event.  (I hope this isn't a sign of Lent!)

I just had lunch with some friends.  And, it being Fat Tuesday, the talk soon turned to "What are you doing with your family for Lent?"  We pondered this over chips and salsa...and fajitas.  Ideas were discussed.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.  I will share with you then some of what we do as a family.  How I decorate.  How each of the kids prepares for Easter.  I'm am sure some of it will seem frivolous :)  However, it will come from the heart.  I will share our Lenton journey with you.

In the mean time....Make Time to celebrate God's bounty on Fat Tuesday :)

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