Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making Time.....for a Lenten Journey

Each year we experience different Lenten Journeys.
Sometimes we chose for ourselves.
Sometimes God chooses for us. 

Over the years, through our journeys and God's journeys, we have developed some Lenten traditions.  We pray the family rosary nightly praying for different family members and friends as our main intention.  We post our spoken Lenten sacrifices on our dining room buffet and mirror as reminders.  (Some Lenten sacrifices are meant to be kept secret)  We attend Stations of the Cross weekly.  In addition to individual sacrifices, we chose family sacrifices as well.

Last year, my friend Cheree at The Morning Latte gave me some grape vine from her garden.  I used it, along with some toothpicks to create a crown of thorns.  The idea is to remove a thorn every time you make a secret sacrifice.  Truthfully, we aren't good at remembering to remove the thorns.  (We DO sacrifice!)  This year, it is more of a display item to remind us of Lent.

We also display a set of footprints that came from one of the kids school classrooms.  These footprints remind us of 3 important parts of Lent:  Pray, Help Others, and Give Something Up.

(Note the roll of tape?  LOL!  Not normally part of the display, but definitely necessary for the mirror postings!)

I do appriciate my Lenton Journeys.  (I was going to say "enjoy" but I'm not sure that is the right word.  I mean, really, who enjoys fasting?)  Each one has been diffent.  Yet, each one has ended with a beautiful Easter Sunday.

How are you making time for your Lenton Journey?

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