Sunday, October 30, 2011

Making time......for bread, birthdays and parties

Um....Wow!  Where has the week gone?  

One of our family fall favorites is pumpkin bread....especially straight from the OVEN!  UM....YUM!  Melted butter on a slice equals pure heaven!

The empty plate says it all!  I made three loaves.  They were gone in 1.5 days!

This week also held my baby boy's 7th birthday!  And a volleyball banquet that required a dessert....double whammy!  Made a huge "dirt" dessert....most of which went to the banquet, but an 8X8 pan of it managed to get candles to blow out :)

SEVEN YEARS OLD!  My baby boy :)

When a boy turns 7, there must be a party :)  And cupcakes (with green slime filling!) for school!  Monster cookies greeted the boys as they came home from school and rode bikes and ate pizza.  Beautiful afternoon of fun.

Then, there is Halloween.  When our oldest daughter was a freshman, we let her have a Halloween party.  Therefore, daughter number two, a freshman, got a huge Halloween party this year.  We spent Saturday decorating the garage and creating a "Haunted House" in the fort we built in our hedge row.  The whole family got involved.....16 year old zombie, 10 year old witch, 7 year old zombie, and a 42 year old maniac with a strobe light and chainsaw!  More cupcakes with green slime filling, other snacks, and a bonfire made the whole event a success :)  Pictures would have been great.....sometimes you get caught up in the fun, and forget the camera.  Life is good!

A great week of Making Time....for so much!
Up next.....pumpkin carving!  After all, Halloween is tomorrow :)

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