Friday, October 21, 2011

Making time.....for the corn maze

Groupons are great!  Save you money....when you use them!
My hubby bought a groupon to the local corn maze, knowing that we usually like to take the kids and go in the fall.  October 16, the expiration date, came around on Sunday.   So we made time and went to the corn maze.

As the corn maze closed at 7 on a Sunday night, we went at sunset.  A beautiful evening, finding our way through the mazes.  Different kids leading at different times....hubby and I following.

As rain was scarce this summer, the corn was shorter, thinner, and easy to peek through (thus the ribbons lining the paths).

Always fun to have the posed "head through the hole".....even more fun with they actually have enough holes for my 5 kids!

Making time.....for the corn maze :)

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